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Christoffer Johansson

Senior lecturer

Research interests

I am a scientist concerned with vertebrate flight from the multi-disciplinary approach of functional morphology.
I apply modern methods, such as 3D kinematic analysis of high-speed videos and 3D (stereo) Digital Particle Image Velocimetry to study the interaction between morphology and aerodynamics in live, free flying animals, as well as on prepared wings and models. The combination of these methods allows us to correlate the actual movements of the wings in 3D with the aerodynamic wake they generate and thus determine the function of small changes in the movement of the wings.

By studying the aerodynamics of animal flight in relation to the morphology of the wings, tail and body, we will understand some of the selection forces acting on the animals and hence the adaptations to flight.


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Christoffer Johansson Westheim
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Senior lecturer

Evolutionary ecology

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Research group

Animal Flight Lab



Doctoral students and postdocs

PhD Students, main supervisor

Mehdi Ghavami Nejad

PhD Students, assistant supervisor