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Cecilia Kardum Hjort

Doctoral student

Research interests

My background in Conservation Biology and my interest in Molecular Ecology gave me the idea of creating my own PhD project were these two research fields come together. I want to understand how populations facing different environmental changes are adapting genetically and how evolutionary applications can contribute to the field of Conservation Biology. 

Research project

I became fascinated with bumble bees during my time as a field assistant and decided to turn my attention towards this most important pollinator. Since several environmental changes are affecting the populations of bumble bees I’m interested in their adaptive responses to these changes and thereby their persistence at local scales. More specifically, my project will focus on introgressive hybridization and landscape and climatic gradient adaptation. 

I am part of the Joint PhD program between Lund University and Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, where I will spend 1,5 years of my PhD. This gives me the opportunity to study B.terrestris as an invasive species on Tasmania, Australia, adapting to a novel environment. 


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E-mail: cecilia [dot] hjort [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student



Research group

Biodiversity and Conservation Science


Understanding the adaptive genetic capacity of bumble bees in a changing world


Main supervisor

B.terrestris worker flying out of its nest