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Caroline Björnerås

Doctoral Student

My PhD project is directed at understanding why and where iron (Fe) is increasing in freshwaters. Recently, such trends have been reported for lakes and running waters in Sweden, as well as for other regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Since Fe is affecting water color and plays a key role in biogeochemical processes involving carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, understanding what is driving the Fe trends is of great importance.

I am using various approaches to study why Fe is increasing in inland waters, including a microcosm experiment demonstrating the effects of redox dynamics on Fe mobility. I am also investigating the possibilities of reconstructing historical changes in Fe accumulation through analyses of lake sediment profiles.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my PhD project, or read more about it here!

Sediment sampling in Finland



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Caroline Björnerås
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Doctoral student

Aquatic ecology

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