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Björn Canbäck

Senior Lecturer | PhD

I'm a senior lecturer in bioinformatics and am the coordinator of the two years Master's programme in Bioinformatics. In the program I teach three courses, Bioinformatics Programming in Python and DNA Sequencing Informatics part I and II. Each year I also teach one week courses for PhD students in the Life Science Postgraduate Courses programme with a focus on programming, amplicon analysis and transcriptome analysis.

I'm also a member of our DNA sequencing facility equipped with an Illumina MiSeq sequencer. Here I take care of the data handling and some of the data analysis.

My research is focused on developing programs for various kind of sequence analysis as well as regular analysis of next generation sequencing data like amplicon and transcriptome analysis, variant calling  and genome assembly.


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Björn Canbäck
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Senior lecturer

Molecular Cell Biology

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