Write and publish

We may help you with questions concerning scientific writing, reference management and publishing.

Writing and sources

If you want to know more about writing, both within and outside the academy, and which sources to use in different types of texts read our library guide about writing and sources on Libguide’s website.

Are you going to write a literature study, either as a degree project or as a part of a course? Learn how to do the literature study in our library guide.

Reference management

The Biology library recommends that students by default use the reference management system APA. Our library guide shows you how to write references with help of APA 7 edition.

Regularly we give workshops in how you use the reference management system EndNote. Lund University has also created a course, open for all, where you learn more about EndNote.

Course in the reference management system EndNote on the learning platform Canvas (in Swedish).

Register publications

Most new research articles are automatically added to Lund University’s research portal. If you miss any of your publications, you have to register them in the portal by yourself. Contact the Biology library if you have any questions about the research portal.

How to add information in the research portal through the editing interface LUCRIS on the Staff Pages.

Degree thesis shall be registered in the database LUP Student Papers.

How to publish a doctoral thesis (the Faculty of Science website).

Open access

In Lund University’s policy on publishing, researchers are encouraged to publish OA as much as possible to increase research visibility, use and impact. On the Lund University library’s web pages about Open Access, you can read more about the research funders requirements and what kind of support for publishing fees there are. Please, contact us if you have questions about Open Access

Research data

If you need help with creating a data management plan, LU offers the following tool: DMPRoadmap (on Staff Pages).

The libraries at Lund University have a web page about research data, where you can read more about publishing this kind of data. You are welcome to the library with your questions about data management and data publishing.

Research data – what is it? on Lund University Libraries' website.


The Biology library can do some kind of bibliometrics tasks if there is time. Contact us to discuss this.

Using images

To use other people’s images may be tricky when it comes to copyright. If you need an image, we recommend you to first search in the image database Britannica ImageQuest. All images in this database are free to use for students and researchers at Lund University in pedagogic contexts, like student projects and education.

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