Reading and writing support

Students with dyslexia, vision impairment, physical or cognitive disabilities, can get help from the Library with adjusted course literature as for example talking books, braille or enlarged electronic text.

If required we can offer you help with note-taking, mentor support, and a longer time for examinations. Information about what kind of support and how to get it are found on Lund University’s central web pages.

Speech synthesis

With the speech synthesis software TorTalk you are able to listen to digital text, books, and articles. You can download the software on Lund University Library’s website (scroll down to see the English instructions).

Guide about reading support

How to download and listen to talking books and support software are described in a Libguide from Lund University Library.

To discuss and get help, contact our librarian Johnny Jönsson.

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Johnny Jönsson


Email: Johnny [dot] Jonsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Mobile: 076 762 00 42

Responsible for interlibrary loans and journals. Contact librarian for the disabled.

Opening hours

Regular opening hours

Monday–Thursday 9.00–17.00
Friday 9.00–16.00