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Library Services


The Library provides service to students, teachers,researchers and employees of the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences. The library is also open to other borrowers who need information and literature in the biological disciplines.

The Library provides individual and group study spaces, and a silent study area for those students wishing to study quietly.

Biology Library is a part of the Lund University Libraries network, LUB.

Apply for a Library Card

You can apply for a library card on the web. Please read the general lending conditions that applies to all LUB libraries.
Bring a valid source of photo-ID and pick up your card at one of the libraries at Lund University.

Loan period

The loan period for book from Biology Library is 28 days, for identification literature 14 days. Journals and reference books can not be borrowed, but can be read on site.

Renewal of Loans

The loan period for a book can be extended if no-one else is waiting for the title. The loan must be renewed before due date. Read more at page "Loans".

Interlibrary loan for Biology Library users

If a book or article is not available at any of the libraries at Lund University, you can order materials through interlibrary loan, ie book or article borrowed from another library. Biology Library handles interlibrary loan of Biology and Environmental Science.

Interlibrary loans are picked up and returned in the Biology Library. For further information see the lending conditions, LUB Section 4 (pdf; 220 kB).

Interlibrary loans within Sweden are free of charge, journal articles may be charged.

Interlibrary loans for local users

Prices for loans from libraries outside Lund University.

Copies (articles) free of charge
Loan of books from Nordic libraries free of charge
Loan of books outside the Nordic countries 150 SEK

External customers can contact the Biology Library for interlibrary loans.

Check in Lovisa or Libris that the book / journal is not available at any of the libraries at Lund University. The Biology Library's code in Libris is Lbio.

Fill in the Biology Library's request form: Request form for Interlibrary loan

Purchase proposals for new books & journals

Biology Library welcomes your suggestions for new books and journals.

  • Responsible for periodicals: Johnny [dot] Jonsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Johnny Jönsson)
  • Responsible for book purchases:  Johnny [dot] Jonsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Johnny Jönsson) 

New books - both newly purchased as by donations - are displayed for three weeks on the "new acquisitions shelf" in the Biology Library. During this time, you can not borrow them, but you may put your name on a waiting list for future loans.

Newly received journals are displayed on a shelf at the far end of the library, and the display is changed weekly. After three weeks the journals are put in storage or in "the Lake". Journals are not available for loan.

How to find not-so-easy available articles

Reading and writing disabilities

Students with dyslexia, vision impairment, physical disability or other disabilities, can get help at the Library with literature search and to borrow adjusted course literature as:

  • audio books
  • braille
  • e-text, enlargements

Contact person at the Biology Library is
 Johnny [dot] Jonsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Johnny Jönsson)
Tel: 076 762 00 54
E-mail: Johnny [dot] Jonsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

To receive the best service you are recommended to make an appointment with the Library before the first visit.

Read more about the library service to people with reading and writing disabilities in Pedagogical support brochure and at Students with disabilities. There's also a  Guide to talking books (in Swedish only)

Off Campus Access

To get access to licensed e- resources off campus you should use an IP-checked link i.e. this one to Google scholar: (english) (swedish)

When you use any of these IP-checked links off-campus you will be directed to the CAS-log in and you should then use your LUCAT login or Student account.

The IP-check link, directly in front of another e-resource link results in a CAS log in where you use your LUCAT login or Student account.

NB! You will not be able to directly open the links above on an iPad or Smartphone, you must open this PDF in a PDF-reader (like BlueFire-reader or PDF-reader).

  • You can also use the IP-checked links from Biology Library's homepage:

Web of Science

Science Direct


  • Another option is to use VPN (Virtual Personal Network)
    1. Find info at LDC:s support pages
    2. Search for VPN or Forticlient to get the correct installation guide.
    3. Download the FortClient to your computer or the app from appropriate "app store".

  • A third option is to connect to your “work” computer via remote desktop

Access to e-resources from home

Find more information about LUCAT login or Student account at the Lund University Libraries site at: Accessing e-resources from home.

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Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 17.00
Friday 9.00 - 16.00

Contact information

Phone: +46 46-222 38 12
Internal mail HS: 50
E-mail: biol [dot] bibl [at] ekol [dot] lu [dot] se
Address: Sölvegatan 37
223 62 Lund
see map

Sigel in Libris: Lbio

Other libraries at Lund University

LUCAT / SALUT (currently only available in Swedish)