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Beatriz Willink Castro

Doctoral Student

I'm broadly interested in evolutionary biology and particularly fascinated by the processes that generate phenotypic diversity. In my previous work in Costa Rica and Panama I studied the role of predators driving coloration and behavioral divergence in poison-dart frogs and how cumulative predation risk maintains hatching plasticity in red-eyed treefrogs. In my PhD-research I will expand the breadth of my research by utilizing a comparative phylogenetic approach to study the evolution of female-limited color polymorphism in damselflies. My project focuses on the evolutionary origins and consequences of female-limited color polymorphism in pond damselflies and I will use phylogenetic comparative methods and an explicit macroevolutionary perspective.

Selected publications



Not everything is black and white: Color and behavioral variation reveal a continuum between cryptic and aposematic strategies in a polymorphic poison frog


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Beatriz Willink
E-mail: beatriz [dot] willink_castro [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Evolutionary ecology



Research group

Evolution and Ecology of Phenotypes in Nature




Main supervisor

Erik Svensson

Assistant supervisor

Charlie Cornwallis