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Annelie Jönsson

Project Assistant | PHD

Research interests

My research interest lies within Conservation Ecology with special emphasis on biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. I find it very exciting to work with issues regarding both animals, nature, landscapes and humans, and how to combine these to get the best possible result: landscapes rich in biodiversity!

The majority of my current work deals with effects of created habitats, more specifically, habitats that have been created by farmers, game keepers and landowners in order to benefit wildlife, retain released game birds, or, especially created with the aim of enhancing the population of grey partridges. Different types of habitats involved are for example flower and grass strips, conservation headlands and winter cover. These habitats were studied for their effects on a multitude of organisms within my PhD.

For my MSc project I was also in the agricultural landscape, visiting farms in south-south central Sweden that had experienced attacks by wolves on their sheep in order to find out what attributes predispose a farm to attacks. This work was carried out in collaboration with Wildlife Damage Centre at Grimsö Wildlife Research station, SLU, Sweden. My bachelors project on the other hand was carried out in an 'ancient' English woodland. There I investigated the effects of micro fragmentation on carabid beetles.

Short biography

Born and raised in Scania, southern Sweden, I developed an interest in cute and fluffy animals from an early age. But it wasn't until my application to vet school in the UK was rejected, that I realised how much more fascinating and exciting it is to work with wild animals! I completed my BSc in Zoology at Bristol University in 2003 and continued with an MSc in Ecology at Aberdeen University in 2004. After my studies I worked for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust for ca 18 months, based at the County Durham office, before moving back home to Sweden in 2006. Together with my supervisor to be I wrote the application and secured funding for my PhD project. This started officially in November 2008, and finished when I defended my thesis in March 2015. Since then I am still at Lund University, working as research administrator/project assistant.


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Annelie Jönsson, reseach administrator and project assistant.
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Project assistant


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