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Andreas Nord

Researcher | PhD

I am a broadly interested in the thermal biology or birds, particularly seasonal adaptations to deal with heat and cold. I combine ecological studies in the wild with laboratory measurements of thermal and metabolic responses to cold/heat, measurement of thermal properties of plumage and feathers, and biophysical modelling of heat exchange. This work is mostly on small passerine birds (tits, flycatchers) and several species of ptarmigan.

Current projects investigate seasonal variation in energy expenditure, thermoregulation, and immune function in high Arctic ptarmigan, functional variation in winter acclimatization (heat production, heat retention, cold tolerance) at sub-cellular-, organ-, and whole-animal levels in small birds, and how thermal conditions during embryonic- and perinatal development affect the capacity to deal with temperature over a lifetime. Some time is also devoted to investigating if the risk of overheating might constrain how hard birds can work, and to studying the trade-off between parental investment in incubation and the success of eggs, embryos, and nestlings. Students at any level with interests/ideas aligning broadly with these research themes are encouraged to get in touch.

I studied ecology, animal physiology and statistics at Lund University and the University of Auckland 2002-2007, and defended my PhD thesis at LU in 2012. This was followed by post-doctoral work at LU (2013), the University of Glasgow (2013), the University of Tromsø (2014-2017) and the University of Glasgow (2018). Since 2019 I work as a researcher at LU, and am affiliate staff member of the Institute for Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow.

My teaching is primarily in physiological and evolutionary ecology, biodiversity surveying and faunistics. I am head teacher of the departmental course in Field Faunistics. I also manage the departmental questions and answers blog "Ask a Biologist"; an outreach initiative where members of the public ask our expert panel about anything broadly related to animals, plants, fungi, and nature at large.

In my spare time, I am a keen flyfisherman and an entomologist working particularly with phytophagous coleoptera, hemiptera and homoptera.


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Evolutionary ecology

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