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Andrea Schomann

Guest Researcher

Research interests

My focus lies on the rove beetle subfamily Paederinae - alpha-taxonomy as well as on higher taxonomical levels, historical biogeography and, to some extent, fossils. Especially one genus of flightless Paederinae, Hyperomma, which occurs in New Zealand and the mesic habitats of Australia, is a centerpoint in my research. This involves classical taxonomic revisions in monographs, but also molecular phylogenetics and time-calibrated phylogeneties in connection with biogeography and palaeoclimate.

Short biography

Diversity and the complexity of evolution always fascinated me. As a teenager I picked up an interest for biogeography and, among others, insects, though not too serious at the time. During my Masters in Kiel, Germany, I discovered those wonderfully diverse staphylinids, specialized in Ecology and studied the ecology and practically unknown behaviour of pselaphines (ant-like litter beetles). When I came to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007 to work for Alexey Solodovnikov at ZMUC, a whole new world of museum research opened, offering diversity, biogeography, evolution and phylogenetics, and so many unanswered questions and neglected groups to study. Inspired, I stayed for doing a PhD there, mostly on Hyperomma of New Zealand, including a 5-months stay abroad with Rich Leschen at Landcare Research/NZAC in Auckland, NZ. I obtained the PhD degree in autumn 2014, after extensions due to the founding of a new family. Since early 2015 I'm a Carlsberg international PostDoc in Adelaide, South Australia, and currently on an extended research visit in Lund. The subject is still Hyperomma, though now the Australian fauna with all its undescribed species and its connection with Australian climate history.

As the first attraction to insects came from their ability to fly, it's slightly ironical to end up researching a flightless group - but that's how it goes.

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Visiting research fellow



Sölvegatan 37, Lund