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LP3 news

Maria Gourdon, new LP3 scientist responsible for crystallization


Maria Gourdon, PhD, has taken over the responsibility for the crystallization part of LP3. Maria has a background in membrane protein structural biology, handling projects from gene to crystals, structural determination and refinement. Contact her at maria.gourdon [at]

Maria Gourdon
Maria Gourdon

New system for microbiological growth monitoring


A Bioscreen C system for microbiological growth studies is now available at LP3. The Bioscreen C can incubate, shake, and measure the turbidity (OD) of up to 200 samples simultaneously.

LP3 and the crystallization facility is "Infrastructure of the month - May"


Protein Production Network Sweden (PPNS) pilot expression screen completed


LP3 is part of the Protein Production Network Sweden (PPNS) that aim to make multiple protein expression hosts, methodologies and competence in protein production available to the Swedish academic life science community. Collaboration between Swedish protein production sites is crucial in order to solve complex scientific questions and in a pilot effort to test a new joint approach, five proteins of varying origin were selected for multi-host expression screening performed the different sites. The screen was competed in November 2014 and a report (pdf; kB)of the pilot study was made.

A network of Swedish protein production facilities


LP3 is taking part in the formation of a network of Swedish protein production facilities together with the Protein Science Facility at Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab, Mammalian Protein Expression at Göteborg University, Protein Expertise Platform at Umeå University and the Drug Discovery and Development platform at SciLifeLab. The network will coordinate optimized use of resources and facilitate increased knowledge transfer.

Eukaryotic expression system


Right now LP3 is in the process of establishing the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) – a system for expression of recombinant proteins in insect cells. This system will complement the current LP3 capabilities to express proteins in bacteria and yeast. The BEVS, being a eukaryotic expression system, has its strength in producing proteins from higher eukaryotic organisms that have failed to be produced in E. coli and a strong track record for production of membrane proteins, large proteins and multi-subunit complexes, for structural as well as functional studies.

LP3 is in the process of setting up the BEVS system.

LP3 is in the process of setting up the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS).

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The LP3 labs are located on floor 1 in Biology building A, Sölvegatan 35, Lund.

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LP3 acknowledges generous financial support from Lund University, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (SWEGENE programme), the Erik & Maja Lundqvist Foundation, the Carl Tesdorpf Foundation and the Swedish Research Council.