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Resit exams

Besides the ordinary and resit exams we also arrange extra resit exams in the summern (late August). You find information about the ordinary and resit exams in the schedule for each course.

Summer resit exams 2017 advanced level courses. Information will be published in april, but for most advanced level courses the resit will be on August 23, 2017

Summer resit exams 2016 basic courses

You find information about the resit exams for the basic courses at our Swedish website.

Summer resit exams 2016 advanced level courses

Sign up for the exam between August 8-15 by e-mail to the course leader.

The locality will be announced a couple of days prior to the exam. Do not forget your identity card!

Wednesday August 24 at 09.00–14.00

  • BINP11 Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis Claes.von_Wachenfeldt [at]
  • BIOR75 Cellular and Molecular Immunology Dan.Holmberg [at]
  • BIOR41 Ecotoxicology Olof.Berglund [at]
  • BIOR16 Immunology Lars.Raberg [at]
  • BIOR17 Limnology Karin.Rengefors [at]
  • BIOS08 Microscopy - Bio-Imaging Klas.Flardh [at]
  • BIOR18 Microbiology Lars.Hederstedt [at]
  • BIOR79 Methods in Molecular Biology Wolfgang.Knecht [at]
  • BIOR49 Molecular Genetics of EukaryotesMarita.Cohn [at]
  • BIOR50 Nutrition Physiology Bjorn.Westrom [at]
  • BIOR63 Molecular Microbiology Claes.von_Wachenfeldt [at]
  • BIOR61 Molecular genetics Marita.Cohn [at]



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