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Katrine Lund-Hansen

Guest doctoral student

Research interests

Sex-chromosome evolution, epistasis, and sexual antagonism

My main research areas are sexual antagonism (genetic variants beneficial to one sex but harmful to the other) and sex chromosome evolution, which I am investigating in two separate projects. I am using fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) as the study organism in both projects.

The first project will look at the role of sexually antagonistic variation on the X-chromosome through a female-limited X-chromosome evolution experiment. By using an FM balancer chromosome I will be able to force the transmission of the same X-chromosome to be female-limited for many generations and thereby eliminating male-specific selection on the X-chromosome. The aim is to determine the magnitude of the response to female-limited X-chromosome evolution and which traits respond to selection.

The second project is to quantify coevolution of the X and Y chromosome through a sex chromosome replacement experiment. By using CG flies I am able to pair sex chromosomes from a number of different D. melanogaster stocks together in novel combinations. This is the first experiment to address coevolution of the sex chromosomes in D. melanogaster and the theory that Y-chromosome polymorphism is maintained by sexual antagonism on the X-chromosome.

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Katrine Lund-Hansen
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Doctoral student

Evolutionary ecology


Research group

Experimental Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour



Main supervisor

Jessica Abbott

Exteral supervisor

Edward Morrow, University of Sussex