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Elin Videvall

Doctoral Student | MSc

I work with avian systems and their evolutionary adaptations to parasite infections. My study species are ostriches and Eurasian siskins. By using genomic and transcriptomic tools to study their molecular adaptations, I can get a good overview of how all the genes of the host respond to an infection, and which genes that are under positive selection due to parasites. Likewise, studying the transcriptome and genome of parasites, such as avian malaria parasites, will reveal what genes are important in facilitating infection and resisting/avoiding the host’s immune defence.

My methods include various bioinformatic approaches to analyse data from next-generation sequencing techniques like RNA-sequencing, whole genome-sequencing and 16S-sequencing. I have been part of the MEEL research group since 2011 and I started my PhD project in the spring of 2013.

Ostrich chick
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Elin Videvall
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Doctoral student


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Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab



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Bengt Hansson


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Eurasian siskin. Photo: Eva Mårtensson.

Photo: Eva Mårtensson